GrubbsJason Grubbs Senior Pastor
Jason grew up in Tennessee where his parents were directors of Christian homes for troubled teens and his father was a pastor. He was saved and baptized at a young age. As a Senior in high school, Jason felt God was calling him into the Gospel ministry. He met his wife, Joy, during high school and they began a close friendship that…  

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BeckmannHarrison Beckmann
Coming from the St. Louis area, Harrison grew up as the oldest of five boys. He learned to play a variety of instruments while actively serving in his small local church. He asked God to save him around his 7th birthday and was baptized shortly thereafter. Throughout his teen years he battled addiction to various sins, but grew spiritually through the mentoring and influence of his Pastor and other faithful people in his church. It wasn’t until college that he…
Kenny FromentFroments
Kenny was born and raised in the large state of Rhode Island. At the age of 6 years old, Kenny’s mother showed him God’s plan of salvation. With full understanding of his need of a Savior he put his faith and trust in the saving work of Christ on the cross. A few years later, he was baptized by his Pastor at …
JoeJoseph Allen
Joseph “Joe” Allen was born in Danville, Illinois even though his parents lived in Covington, Indiana (still confused by this and not an Illini fan!). He has been a Hoosier the day he came home from the hospital. Being a pastor’s kid Joe lived in three different towns throughout childhood. After 7th grade he moved south to Linton, Indiana and claims that as his hometown. At the age of twelve Joe understood the gospel and his need…